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Report that provides comparative data to have the knowledge of the economic, political and commercial situation of a country and thus avoid risks or economic losses.

The report includes all the information of the country risk categories:
  • Political Risk: internal and external security situation, political competition and coherence, and other factors that determine if a country fosters a favorable business environment.
  • Commercial Risk: contract, judicial competence, regulatory transparency, degree of corruption, and other factors that determine if the business environment facilitates the conduct of business operations.
  • Macroeconomic Risk: the rate of inflation, fiscal deficit, the growth of the money supply and the macroeconomic factors that They determine if a country is capable of generating sustainable economic growth and an appropriate expansion in business opportunities.
  • External Risk: the current account balance, capital flows, foreign currency reserves, the size of the external debt and all the factors that determine if a country can generate enough foreign currency to meet its commercial and foreign investment obligations.