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Refca Corp

About us Services Alliances Contact Company created in the state of Florida, United States; with the purpose of supporting companies to position their products and services in new markets. The main shareholder is Refca, C.A. domiciled in Caracas, Venezuela; registered in the year 2004 and its main object is "Commercial Information Services".  Correspondent Cial Dun & Bradstreet Venezuela.

We are the commercial engine that your company needs to position its products in the international market. Through our services, it is very important to know who to do business with. They can also know, whatcompanies, customers or suppliers qualify to make a business safe, and thus minimize risks or losses. We have the alliance of Refca, CA, correspondent of CIAL D & B of the United States, to obtain the necessary information and the search for new contacts around the world, who are interested in representing, distributing or commercializing their products through our services: "Looking For New Business".